Top 5 Anti-Aging Tips

SESSU’s Top 5 Anti-Aging Tips

When it comes to anti-aging and the secrets involved to achieving ‘younger looking skin,’ there is a new secret exploited every single day. And this can be overwhelming. With social media having so much control over the decisions we make for nearly every element of our life, the saturation of information starts to cloud our judgment and instead of believing the facts layed out in front of us, we believe opinions of high school viral sensations who have never had to deal with a wrinkle in their life. 

Because everyone wants the answer to younger looking skin, we have simplified the overwhelming amount of information into just 5 simple tips to prevent wrinkles.

  • Incorporating a facial massaging tool

Facial Massaging tools are great for reducing under-eye puffiness and dark circles, as well as renewing your skin and refining wrinkles and fine lines by encouraging better blood circulation to oxygenate the skin. Not only are these tools great as an anti-wrinkle and anti-aging secret, but they are also great to use to relieve headaches and soothe muscle tension.

We have a range of sculpting anf facial tools that you can incorporate in your routine, starting with our REVIVE DERMASOOTHE MASSAGE GLOBE SET 

  • Serum

Finding a good serum that contains all the necessary ingredients may be all you’re missing from your skincare routine… We have already discussed the importance of incorporating hyaluronic acid into your everyday routine to prevent and reduce wrinkles. Another few KEY ingredients would be Gotu Kola and Iris Florentina Extract, which helps heal and improve skin elasticity, and Edelweiss and Resveratrol Extract, which fights free radicals.


  • Healthy diet & Mindset 

It is true what they say… “You are what you eat”

Having a healthy diet does not only align with a healthy mindset, but the combination of these will help with anti-aging, anti-wrinkles and healthier looking skin in general.

  • Apply sunscreen DAILY

We’ve all heard the hype around sunscreen before and the importance of  sun protection on you skin. Sun damage is the leading cause for wrinkles and applying sunscreen at least once a day to your face will help fight aging and wrinkles. Finding a good sunscreen that is not going to cause oily skin can be a challenge, however, there are many brands out there developing sunscreens for all different skin types. 


That last - and debatably - most IMPORTANT step to achieve younger looking skin. Finding a good moisturiser that is suitable for your skin texture and had healthy skin ingredients. Our REPLENISH ANTIOXIDANT MOISTURISER (link to product) is filled with ingredients to glowy, healthy and younger looking skin. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties (Dragon Blood Extract, Watermelon Seek Oil & Pomegranate Extract), the Replenish Antioxidant Moisturiser has been formulated to improve skin elasticity and protect against premature aging.

With these 5 easy tips, you can get your healthy, younger-looking skin journey started!