How To Take Care of Your Skin When You're on Vacation

It’s coming up to the holiday season and we can’t wait! Depending on if you’re going to the snow or heading for a more tropical vacation your skin will need extra care. Keep reading to see the must-have tips for taking care of your skin on holiday. 

lady enjoying the sun on her face with her eyes closed

Stay hydrated! 

Especially when you’re travelling by plane you will find that your skin gets dehydrated due to the drop in humidity. Dehydrated skin can make your skin look duller and pull out imperfections and be dry to the touch. Make sure you pack a few hydrating face masks to do after or during your flight, a nourishing moisturiser to lock in moisture, and a hydrating lip mask or lip balm. 

Hydration as we know doesn’t just come from the exterior, you have to make sure you look after your health from the inside. Drink plenty of water when travelling and during the day when out on activities. It’s a known fact that water plays an important role in clear skin. 

Get plenty of sleep

We know this tip might be hard if you are out exploring and wanting to get as much in as possible but sleep deprivation can lead to more breakouts and stress. Try and get some sleep and that way you’ll have a lot more energy to go and explore. 

girl sleeping on her balcony that overlooks new york city streets

Keep up your usual routine

Just like fitness your skin needs regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh and healthy. Try and bring your usual skincare products so your skin doesn’t get too confused, if you can try and move your products into travel size containers that will make it a lot easier for you to travel with. 

Listen to your skin and body

Sometimes you can follow all the steps and tips and tricks but the most important one is to follow what your skin needs. If you’re going to a hot climate you might need to refresh your skin more, use more lightweight products or skip the makeup some days. If it’s a colder climate you might find that your skin is becoming more dry and will need to moisturise more than usual. Have a feel of what your skin needs and also listen to your body if you need to rest or sleep more. 

EXTRA TIP: If you feel like your makeup is creating more hassle for you when travelling try mixing your favourite moisturiser with a light foundation and turn it into a tinted moisturiser. We love our nourishing moisturiser for that deep nourishment without the heavy cream feel.