How the change of season affects your skin

As temperatures drop and the humidity begins to fade, the hydration in the air is dried up causing many of us to experience dry skin during the cooler months causing your skin to crack and flake on the outer layers. This dryness can potentially lead to a build up of dry skin, which is likely to clog your pores, causing breakouts and flare ups. 

How can you avoid dry skin this winter?

Unfortunately, like most answers to skincare concerns, there is no straightforward solution. Because skin types vary, the way moisture is absorbed varies for each individual. What you can do is ensure you have a strong skincare routine in place so your skin is prepared to deal with harsh seasonal weather. For example, switching out your harsher products for a gentle alternative, avoiding the harsher chemicals, will protect your skin barrier, as this will already be disrupted from the dry weather. Avoiding these harsh chemicals that break down the skin barrier will result in more hydrated skin.

Switching for a heavier moisturiser is another factor to consider for DRY SKIN. If you are using a light moisturiser that is not being reap[plied throughout the day, you will notice a lot more dryness. Opting for a heavier-based moisutriser will keep your skin more hydrated throughout the cooler period. HOWEVER, if you are someone who suffers with oily skin and you are unsure how your skin will respond in the cooler months, maintain a lighter moisturiser as switching to a heavier alternative amy result in an overproduction of oil and the oiliness will have the potential of worsening during this change in season.

When the change of season hits, by the time your skin adjusts and adapts to the changes, the next season has come a long and you are back to square one. Making these small changes to your skincare routine will allow your skin to adapt for easily and maintain protection during the change of seasons. There are many other factors that impact your skin during this time - not just the weather, but it can also be a result of habits, diet and stress. Incorporating these small changes and monitoring the behavior of your skin will assist you with the seasonal changes to ensure your skin barrier is more protected.

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