Facial Gua Sha: 5 Reasons To Love It

A lot of traditional skin care practices have been finding its way to the present time. You’ve probably heard of the Eastern Asian practice called Gua Sha, which literally means “scraping the pain away” in English. From a full body detoxifying treatment to a beautifying facial ritual that involves the neck area,  this practice has been loved and accepted by many.  

Also used with this practice are healing crystals and stones that are gently stroked onto the skin to promote lymphatic flow, improve circulation, and smoothen the skin. 

What’s there to love about this traditional ritual? 


The art of Gua Sha is immensely grounding. The slow movement and gentle touches instantaneously give a relaxing feeling and activate the body’s relaxed state. When you are grounded in your body, your mind is also calm making you handle emotional and mental stressors with ease and self-awareness. 


Gua Sha brings about a very holistic effect on the body. The manual movement stimulates your lymphatic system, helping your organs to properly function by disintegrating  stagnation, flaccid debris and toxins within the body. When all this unhealthy stuff is expelled, your body’s channels become clearer and more patent making your organs work harmoniously.


So much tension resides in your face and neck areas. With the help of the pressure from a Gua Sha stone, you can experience a dramatic release of these muscular tensions. Think of how a massage makes you feel afterwards. Your facial muscles need some loving strokes to get rid of those tensions.


Gua Sha stones are designed with edges that work perfectly to lift, tighten, and sculpt the surrounding skin in your facial area. With regular use, you can see improvements such as younger skin, less sagging, and absence of dullness and wrinkles. And because Gua Sha promotes circulation and blood flow, the ritual itself helps oxygenate and carry nutrients to your skin cells. The results — more lively, youthful, and plump skin.


The increased circulation and improved lymphatic flow results in a more glowy and naturally dewy skin! The gentle movement of the Gua Sha tool on your skin helps in the absorption of your moisturizer, serum and other skin care products. Gua Sha is also known to help in acne prevention and minimisation of inflammation on the skin.

There is indeed a reason why certain traditional practices and rituals are still being practiced up to this very day. The fact that they give exceptional benefits is enough to try and include them in your skin care rituals. 

Gua Sha facials are the way to go if you’re looking for instant results like glowy skin, sculpted, and defined face. With consistent practice of Gua Sha facials, these results can last longer. You can also go for a professional Gua Sha facial treatment but the DIY route can actually offer you the same benefits.