8 Benefits of Dermasoothe Massage Globes That Will Convince You To Include It in Your Beauty Regimen

News is out in the world of skin care: facial massage globes are in! 

Remember using spoons that you’ve left in the freezer for hours to de-puff your under eyes or eliminate redness in a certain area of your face ? Well, it’s something like that, only more futuristic and iconic at this point. 

Part of what’s medically known as cryotherapy, skin icing has proven to be an effective method that brings so many benefits to your skin. The more traditional way of skin icing is rubbing plain ice over the face; but now there’s a tool that can spare you from freezing your beautiful fingers, they’re called Dermasoothe Massage Globes. 

This rather futuristic beauty tool has been flooding our Instagram feeds and has made every skin care enthusiast curious. 

 And before we even dive into the benefits of using it, let’s find out where ice globes came from, shall we?

While the method itself (skin icing) has been known for decades, it wasn’t until the last ten years that it has gained significant popularity, thanks to Korean skin care, also known as, K-beauty. Their constant pursuit for achieving perfect skin has brought the use of ice globes into the picture. And while you’ve already known about the pore-tightening ability of ice when applied to your skin, these ice globes have taken the skin icing game to a whole new level.

Let’s find out the massage ice globes can actually do for your skin:


Who doesn’t want to get rid of puffy under eyes or skin in general? No one. 

Puffiness around the eye area and some parts of your face can be caused by a variety of reasons such as lack of sleep, intake of too much salt, or allergies. And cold tools like massage ice globes can help lessen puffiness by constricting the capillaries thus minimizing the build-up of fluid (Edema) on your face. 


The use of ice globes encourages vasoconstriction which results in a firmer and more toned skin texture.  This invigorating method also promotes tightening up of your face for a more striking jawline and cheekbones.


Another effect of using ice globes is boosting skin circulation. You can think of this formula:

Good Circulation = Good Blood Flow = Good Oxygenation = Adequate Nutrients Delivered.

The result? Healthy looking, glowing, and plumper skin.


As the cold temperature from the massage ice globes constrict the pores of your skin, your skin starts to get that fresh glow and smoother texture which now makes it a perfect canvas for makeup. 


Swelling can occur when there is no proper lymphatic drainage, and a puffy face can be one of the signs. Massage ice globes are known to help promote lymphatic drainage which helps reduce puffiness of your face.


Massage ice globes are used to treat skin redness brought about by trauma such as waxing or simply pricking an annoying pimple. The cold temperature of these ice globes calms the trauma (characterized by the redness in the area).


When you use massage ice globes, you promote muscle movement and stimulate facial muscles. Talk about a chic facial exercise!


Pores are the tiny holes on your skin that serve as passageways for the oil generated by your skin. The size of your pores can change depending on a variety of factors such as age, weather, and health conditions. The use of massage ice globes is known to help minimize large pores which gives you a younger, and healthier looking skin.

If you think your skin care regimen needs to up its game, consider our DERMASOOTHE MASSAGE GLOBE SETS as part of your beauty regimen and see the results for yourself.